New passenger terminal

The first terminal building in the Port of Naantali had been completed in 1965. The terminal was a simple building. As the traffic volumes increased, a decision was made to build a new and more functional terminal. In 1972, Naantalin Matkustajaterminaali Oy was founded with the City of Naantali and Viking Line as shareholders. The terminal was completed in 1974. There was a stylish waiting room with one whole wall covered by a window offering a view to the sea and Luonnonmaa island. The terminal was transferred to sole ownership of the City of Naantali at the turn of 2000s.


The Port of Naantali employed nearly 30 people in 1975, including the crew of the harbour tugboat.


The Port’s biggest customers measured by size in 1975 were Neste Oy, Viking Line, State railways, Imatran Voima Oy, Raision tehtaat, Navire Yard, State Granary, Oy Juurikassokeri, and Mobil Oil Oy.


Guiding cars together with a priest

”I was in a summer job at the age of 16 in 1976 at Viking Line, guiding cars in and out of the ship. There were five departures every day. They took place in the morning between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. and in the evening between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. In the morning I had to be there to receive the ship at 7. Each ship was berthed in different place, and the passenger bridges were adjusted before the arrival of the ship. The last ship to depart at 11 in the evening was Kapella, where my cousin Kaitsu was working. I had one week of work and then one week off. When the last shift ended on Sunday evening, I embarked on board Kapella. That was a way to get rid of the stress and money from the working week. Thanks to Kaitsu I had accommodation and food. My working partner was an almost 50 years old priest with a family who had come from Chile. He was a regular employee in the post.” – Jan Lindström