Port of Naantali

Port of Naantali

Serving Trade and Industry

The Port of Naantali serves the trade in a wide range of the hinterland as well as the industry close to the port. Industrial enterprises and factories (e.g. oil refinery, lubricant factory, coal power plant, betaine factory, grain silos etc.) operating in the immediate vicinity of the harbour generate large material flows. Easy ice condition in wintertime and one of the deepest fairways and quays in Finland, up to 15,3 m, enable Aframax tankers and Panamax size bulk carriers loading and/or discharging regularly at the port. Moreover, the short sea voyage and frequent ferry connection to Sweden make Naantali the most important cargo hub between Finland and Scandinavia. Partly, for these reasons, Naantali is today 4th largest universal cargo port in Finland. The total annual traffic to and from the port is ca. 7–8 million tons, of which 80 % is foreign traffic. The main volumes come from liquid and dry bulk materials and ferry goods. The Port of Naantali is one of the busiest cargo ports in Finland with ca. 2000 annual number of vessel calls.

Value Added Services

Naantali is a long time known as a significant centre for dry bulk goods operations, thanks to excellent storage facilities and all-round value-added services. Naantali is one of the largest ports e.g. for coal, grain and cement cargo handling in Finland. The port handles and stores also fertilizers, feed stuff and other agri-bulk materials as well as different type of recycling materials. The port provides Value Added Logistics (VAL) -services especially for powder type dry bulk materials, such as salt, soda and other products that need to be packed or repacked.

A Gateway to Scandinavia

During the last ten years, Naantali has become one of the most important RoRo ports in Finland.  Due to the port’s significant investments in ferry traffic, the unitized cargo is increasing rapidly. Today, Naantali is the fourth largest ferry port for trucks and trailers in Finland. Currently, Naantali offers several daily connections to Scandinavia with RoRo/Ropax vessels. These fast and regular connections ensure efficiency required by modern logistics and professional cargo transportation. More than half of all truck and trailer units between Finland and other Scandinavian countries are already shipped via Naantali, which also offers the quickest sea route between Sweden and Finland for the freight. Therefore, it can be seen as a real Motorway of the Sea, which is a part of the well-known Nordic Triangle traffic corridor, which connects Scandinavia, Finland and Russia to each other by forming an east-west traffic corridor.

In addition to good sea connections, the Port of Naantali offers excellent road connections for the cargo transports by providing uncongested connections to the key transport routes in Finland, e.g. to motorway E18 via the Helsinki metropolitan area to Russia, and highway 8 along Finland’s west coast. The Port of Naantali is an important link in the logistics chain of the Baltic Sea, which role is emphasized by its inclusion in the TEN-T traffic network, which covers the whole of Europe. The TEN-T core network links the Port of Naantali to both the Nordic Triangle and the Motorway of the Baltic Sea. The Port of Naantali is defined one of those four TEN-T core ports in Finland together with HaminaKotka, Helsinki and Turku.

Strengths and Special Expertise

  • TEN-T core port in Finland with excellent logistical location on the European route 18 and well known Nordic triangle and Scandinavian-Mediterranean traffic corridor
  • Centre for Scandinavian ferry cargo traffic in Finland – The quickest sea route for cargo between Finland and Sweden
  • One of the largest RoRo/Ropax -ports for trucks and trailers in Finland
  • Significant centre for liquid and dry bulk goods operations
  • Easy ice condition in winter time and one of the deepest fairways and quay`s in Finland, up to 15,3 m

Service Development on Terms of Customers

The port authority as well as the port operator at Naantali port has a reputation of being first class service providers. The independent customer satisfaction surveys and ranking conveyed among port users proved Naantali to be one of the best ports in Finland. Customers particularly valued good service orientation, commitment in undertakings, quality and reliability of the port services. In overall marks Naantali has been at least among the top three ports for several years.

The Port of Naantali has entered a new phase as the operations of the port were corporatized in the January 1st, 2015. The Port together with its partners are looking forward to the future and will continue successful collaboration and service development on terms of customers.

Most recent investment

  • Dredging and deepening the main channel up to 15,3 m
  • Building the new RoRo-berth with double-stack adjustable middle (below) and over deck (upper) ramps and mooring devices
  • Enlarging the adjoining area for trucks and trailers
  • Renovation of the old bulk quays
  • Improved road connections and access to the port

Port of Naantali
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