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Approved service providers

Minimum requirements for service providers

Port of Naantali Ltd grants the right to provide services in the port area governed by Port of Naantali Ltd in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/352 of the European Parliament and of the Council and requires that certain requirements are fulfilled by service providers and their subcontractors. Companies can send their requests to provide services in the port area via email to [email protected]

Based on the request, Port of Naantali Ltd will make the decision concerning the right to provide services within a reasonable amount of time (a maximum of four months) of the request and required documents being delivered. The decision is issued to the service provider for information.

Port of Naantali Ltd will monitor and review the service providers’ compliance with the minimum requirements, and Port of Naantali Ltd shall have the right to unilaterally revoke the right to provide port services if the service provider by intent or gross negligence is in breach of the requirements or fails to fulfil the minimum requirements despite a request to do so.

The service provider shall agree and commit to comply in its activities with the terms and procedures determined in the minimum requirements. The approved service provider and Port of Naantali Ltd will also sign a document, in which the service provider will agree to comply with the terms determined in the minimum requirements and the related procedures.


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