Safety and environment

Safety and environment

Workplace safety guidelines

Employees from many different companies work in the Port of Naantali. Ensuring safety in the port is everyone’s responsibility. Companies must recognize the risks in their operations. Port of Naantali Ltd has specified the general minimum safety guidelines for the areas it governs.

Environment Permit

Operation in the Port of Naantali is governed by the environmental permit granted to the Port. All the operators in the port area must comply with the terms and conditions of the permit.  Everyone must comply with the requirements of the environmental permit. Everyone must strive to minimize environmental impacts in their actions. 

All detected accidents and spills must be immediately reported to the Port Control tel. +359 44 733 4550 or mail to [email protected] 

Safety Instruction for local residents

Safety Instructions Port of Naantali

Säkerhetsmeddelande, Nådendals Hamn