Free Zone warehouse started operation

In the late 1970s, shipbuilding operations had come to an end in Luonnonmaa, and the financial standing of the shipyard was at a worrying level. The setting in the area was fine, however, and there was a 120-metre quay. The City of Naantali and Navire Oy began to organise a free zone warehouse in Luonnonmaa. The use of Luonnonmaa would not require investments in fairways, and the area was already held by the Port. The free zone warehouse was also believed to speed up the widening of the Ukko-Pekka bridge.

Free zone right was applied for from the Council of State. The plan was that the City would hold 60 per cent of the shares, and the other shares would be held by Navire as well as some users of the free zone warehouse. Share capital was planned to amount to 500,000 Finnish markka. A container harbour was also planned for the area.

Markku Halme was elected the Managing Director of the Free Zone Warehouse, and he started in the post at the beginning of 1981 when the Free Zone Warehouse officially started operations.


In a free zone warehouse the goods are in a way like abroad, so the owner is exempted from certain charges. The warehouse serves both importers and exporters.