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Road traffic

Traffic arrangements and operations

Please observe the area’s traffic signs. The ISPS area can be accessed through monitored gates that have identification devices. The identification is based on the vehicle’s license plate, GSM number or remote identification device. When arriving at the gate, stop at the identification point and follow the instructions on the screen. For pedestrian traffic, there are turnstiles and leaf swing gates that can be opened by typing in the code.

Open harbour

An access permit is not normally required to access the open harbour: truck area and terminal buildings. Finnlink check-in, the office and traffic lanes are located in the open harbour area.


Parking is allowed only in the marked parking spaces. Parking lots in the immediate area around the terminal also have parking spaces specifically marked for people working in the port. A permit is required for parking in the quay area. Permits for parking due to repair and maintenance work are issued by the port’s real estate department, permits for parking due to other reasons are issued by traffic department.

Advance notification of dangerous goods

Any dangerous goods in cargo must be reported to the Port of Naantali before the goods are brought to the port.

Advance notification of dangerous goods

Port and Terminal handbook

Leaving your trailer at the port?

plywooden protect pieces must be used under your trailers foot