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Access to the Port Area

Every person accessing the Port area shall have an access permit approved by the Port, as required by the access control system. Such a permit is not required for authorised people permitted to carry out authorised actions within the area. Every person wishing to access the port shall provide identification at request and give the reason for visiting the port. Entrance to the port area without a valid reason is forbidden.

The ISPS Code

The Regulation No. 725/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council made the ISPS Code of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) part of the European Union legislation. The ISPS Code requires that access to harbour areas, and to their core areas (the so-called ISPS areas) in particular, be strictly controlled.  The purpose of the Code is to enhance the security of the international sea transport and the ports serving it, particularly against acts of terrorism. Measures required by the ISPS Code will also improve the general safety of ports.

ISPS Instructions

Port service (24 h)
Port Control  mobile +358 44 733 4550 
PFSO  +358 44 733 4583 
VHF CHANNEL  11 (working channel) 
More information:
Traffic Manager Liisa Majuri
Mob  +358 50 339 0579

Occupational Safety

CE-marked high-visibility clothing must be worn when working or moving in cargo handling and traffic areas (Council of State Ordinance 633/2004). A protective helmet (CE EN 397) and safety footwear must be worn in the cargo handling and traffic areas. A helmet is not required inside machinery or vehicles.

High visibility clothing must be worn in port area

обязательное ношение сингального жилета или другой одежды повышенной видимости в порту наантали´

Safety Guide

Safety guide

Waste Management Instructions

The Port of Naantali strives to protect the Baltic Sea by ensuring that all waste from the vessels calling into Naantali is correctly sorted and disposed to the port’s disposal stations.The successful operation and development of the port’s waste management system requires filing re-filled waste notification from all vessels. It’s also essential that waste management instructions will be followed in the port area.The waste management instructions of the Port of Naantali are based on the legislation on waste management issued by the European Community and the State of Finland. We have 4 waste disposal stations in the port area (please see the map).

Waste Management Instructions & Disposal Stations for the vessels (come into effect 31.1.2022)

Waste Management Instructions  & Disposal Stations for the vessels