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Turun Korjaustelakka Oy

Yhteistyö on huolenpitoa turvallisuudesta Naantalin sataman kanssa tiivistä yhteistyötä tekevä Turun Korjaustelakka Oy (Turku Repair Yard Ltd) on Naantalin Luonnonmaalla…

Wellamo Data Oy

Prosessien kehittämisestä toiminnanohjausjärjestelmään Naantalin Satama on kehittämässä liiketoimintaprosessejaan. Projektin vetäjänä toimii Wellamo Data Oy:n Atte Rotko, joka koordinoi ja aikatauluttaa…


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Port of Naantali

One of our line traffic operator is Rederi Ab Lillgaard

They operate daily from Naantali to Långnäs except Saturdays and Sundays with M/S Fjärdvägen which is a Ro-Ro vessel ((cargo).

Rederi Ab Lillgaard is a privately owned company, it is situated in Mariehamn on the Åland Island.

M/S Fjärvägen has operated on Naantali-Långnäs road since 1994. They transport yearly more than 130 000 tons cargo.

📷 Jouko Tarponen

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1 week ago

Port of Naantali

Port That Never Sleeps - The Port of Naantali is a Corporate Partner of SeaFocus International

We are very happy to announce that the Port of Naantali has become a Corporate Partner to SeaFocus International.

The Port of Naantali has participated in the #IntelligenceHunt project twice with great results and now we have agreed on expanding the amplitude of this collaboration by forming a Corporate Partnership for the next 12 months from today.

The Port of Naantali was a Case Company at the #IntelligenceHunt5 project which presented the Case: “Sustainable and Responsible Port Development Concept in Partnership with a Strong Shipowner” jointly with their client Finnlines. At the IntelligenceHunt6 project, the Port of Naantali presented a cooperative Case with one of their port operators, #Stevena, with the Case Assignment: “Cargo Flows of Circular Economy and Sustainable Port Operations – Opportunities and Challenges”.

One of the Busiest Cargo Ports in Finland

The Port of Naantali serves the trade and a wide range of industries close to the port as well as the hinterland. They cooperate with Industrial enterprises and factories (e.g. oil refinery, lubricant factory, CHP power plant, betaine factory, grain silos etc.) operating in the immediate vicinity of the port, which generate large material flows.

Relatively easy ice conditions in the wintertime and one of the deepest fairways and quays in Finland, up to 15.3 m, enable Aframax tankers and Panamax size bulk carriers loading and/or discharging regularly at the port. Furthermore, the short sea voyage and frequent ferry connection to Sweden make the Port of Naantali an important cargo hub between Finland and the rest of Scandinavia.

The total annual traffic to and from the port is ca. 7–8 million tons, of which 80 % is foreign traffic. The main volumes come from liquid and dry bulk materials along with ferry goods. The Port of Naantali is one of the busiest cargo ports in Finland with ca. 1600 annual vessel calls.

A Versatile Hub Along the Motorway of the Seas

The Port of Naantali has become one of the most important RoRo ports in Finland. Due to the port’s significant investments in ferry traffic, the unitised cargo is increasing rapidly. Currently, Naantali offers several daily connections to Scandinavia with RoRo/Ropax vessels. Almost half of all truck and trailer units between Finland and other Scandinavian countries are shipped via Naantali by RoRo and RoPax vessels.

Therefore, due to the large and versatile capacity of the Port of Naantali, it can be seen as a legitimate Motorway of the Sea. Which is an integral part of the well-known Nordic Triangle traffic corridor, connecting Scandinavia, Finland and Russia to each other by forming an east-west traffic corridor.

The Port of Naantali is an important link in the logistics chain of the Baltic Sea. This role is emphasised by its inclusion in the TEN-T traffic network, a transport network which covers the whole of Europe. The TEN-T core network links the Port of Naantali to both the Nordic Triangle and the Motorway of the Baltic Sea. The Port of Naantali is defined as one of the four core TEN-T ports in Finland together with Hamina, Kotka, Helsinki and Turku.

The Port that Never Sleeps – Continuously Developing

During the last ten years the Port of Naantali has developed its operations significantly and has made huge investments.

The Port of Naantali`s long standing Partner Finnlines, a shipping company which is also a SeaFocus Strategic Partner, has ordered two Superstar class RoPax vessels, which will start operating in Naantali-Långnäs-Kapellskär route in 2023. The capacity of these new vessels is up to 5100 line meters and 1200 passengers. Furthermore, the vessels will be larger than the Clipper class vessel (2918 m) and Star class vessel (4216 m), which are operating on Naantali-Långnäs- Kapellskär sea route at the moment.

The new vessels will be built with the highest technical and environmental considerations in mind, and at the same time they will be pioneers in RoPax class, in concern to the environmental perspective. The renewed concept combines the best of RoRo and RoPax vessels.

"New vessels come with the latest in green technology: emissions abatement systems known as scrubbers, battery packs reducing emissions to zero while in port; and hulls made all the more streamlined thanks to a fine coating of bubbles." (Finnlines News 2/2020)

New Vessels - New Improvements

With the new vessels, the investments in the Port of Naantali will continue. The Port will contribute to the development of liner traffic between Naantali and Kapellskär and also to the cargo-focused RoPax concept. During the past year, the gate systems have been renovated, equipment storage has been built for vessels and check-in booths and a cargo office for traffic and staff. The next investments are to equip the RoRo berth with an automooring system and equipment.

While docked in the Port of Naantali, the new vessels will also use shore-side electricity (Onshore Power Supply, OPS) which will reduce noise and emissions in the port area. This will require a partial upgrade to the port's electricity distribution network, the construction of a transformer, and a connection cable to be built on the quay deck for connecting the shore power system to the vessel. Moreover, the upper ramp of the RoRo berth has to be modified to make it more suitable for the new vessels.

The Port of Naantali has received funding for these development projects from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funds meant for the EU Motorways of the Sea (MoS) projects.

“The only thing that is permanent in the port is change. There is always construction works in the port area: dismantle and repair works or building new. Port operations are capital intensive. The investments have always been made to ensure the competitiveness of the port and our customers as well as to grant efficient and safe operating conditions in the port”, says Yrjö Vainiala, the Port Director.

We are happy to work with the Seafocus International again and looking forward to the project!
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2 weeks ago

Port of Naantali

Hyvää tekstiä, ja aiheesta. Tuet voivat olla jossain tilanteissa perusteltuja, kunhan eri toimijoita ei syrjitä. Tässä tapauksessa Finnlines on valmis huoltovarmuuden turvaamiseen ilmankin tukia 👍
- Pasi

Turun Sanomat 6.10.2020
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