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Jul 2019

Project time October 2018- June 2022 The project aims to improve the safety and efficiency of maritime fairways through digitalization. In the project, floating as well as land-based aids to navigation will be equipped with devices for remote monitoring and control as well as environmental sensors. The fairway data produced by the aids to navigation…

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Jun 2019
Naantalin Sataman suuronnettomuusharjoitus kehitti toimintaamme

In March 2016, we joined the international EU-funded Hazard project (2016–2019) which aimed at improving safety and security exercises in the Baltic Sea ports. With focus on prevention and management of accidents, the project examined extensively the security issues of transports in the Baltic Sea ports. Ports are often located near residential areas, and in…

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Feb 2019

TOTAL TRANSPORTS IN THE PORT OF NAANTALI 7.84 MILLION TONNES IN 2018 A total of nearly 7.84 million tonnes of cargo was transported through the Port of Naantali’s quays and/or fairways and water areas maintained by it (incl. transports to and from the oil refinery) in 2018. The total transport volume (loaded + unloaded) in…

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Apr 2018

– entrance to the port and terminal will be via Järveläntie main gate Entrance to the port and terminal will be via Järveläntie main gate, turn after rail direct to the left. An old traffic way on sea side to the port terminal or truck field will not be available after new traffic arrangements. Please…

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