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Coronavirus (Covid 19) effects on Port of Naantali
  • Freight and goods traffic continuing normally
  • Passenger traffic has started on May 21, 2020
  • Shipping companies and port operators working under companies own schedules

The port of Naantali is playing a important role offering fast sea connections from Finland to Sweden to ensure freight and goods traffic during this challenging times. We are doing our best to serve you as well as possible during these challengins times. Freight and passenger traffic are continuing normally in Naantali. Naantali has been reinstated as an official border crossing point 21 May 2020 onwards. Please check lates  news from Shipping and Port Operator companies´s information on companies website.

Instructions for passengers

  • Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and/or use hand sanitizer
  • Preferably use electronic documents
  • Cough and blow your nose correctly, avoid touching your face
  • Maintain social distance with others in the port area: 1–2 meters is recommend
  • Read latest Corona instructions (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare), you will find these instructions in the Entrance.
  • Leaving port/port area: it is recommend to use your own car or take a taxi

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare:

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Instructions for professional drivers

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