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From process development to enterprise resource planning

The Port of Naantali is developing its business processes. The project is headed up by Atte Rotko from Wellamo Data Oy who will co-ordinate and schedule the project and supply the documented process descriptions to the Port. The project covers the descriptions of the core and support processes of the port enterprise, complemented with the relevant instructions for methods and working.

The management and all personnel of the Port were actively involved in the development work. There is a variety of professionals and experts working in the Port whose tasks require participating in different processes. Since the beginning of the project, the work teams have generated new ideas for enhancing the operations and improving the quality, safety and practice of work.

Process descriptions and other supporting documents, internal and external audits, as well as management reviews combined with the principles of continuous improvement form the foundation of the quality, environmental and safety management system of the port enterprise.

Regarding the environmental system, the Port has a new partner and project leader, Ecobio Oy which specialises in sustainable development. Protect Oy and Neste Jacobs have also contributed to the Port’s safety issues and risk mapping.

Numerous workshops and definition meetings behind, the project proceeds fast according to the vision

The project was initiated in autumn 2016, and the Port has analysed the present operating models and studied the best practices applied in other ports for improving the quality of operations. The co-operation has been very fruitful, and the numerous meetings held with the Port staff have been worth the outcome. The pastries at meetings were replaced with fruit for a good reason, though.

Atte Rotko from Wellamo Data Oy says: ”The key to succeeding in such a project lies in the commitment of the management and the motivation of the participating staff. In the Port of Naantali, both of those were realised effectively. Combining that with the sensible staging and scheduling of the project enabled implementation according to plan and at the same time created a setting for a positive work atmosphere. Wellamo Data’s co-operation with the Port of Naantali dates back to the 1990s, when our first support system for the Port’s supply process was introduced. The current project is a natural direction for broader co-operation.”