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The transito train traffic will continue several weeks – starting February 16th 2021

Inhabitants, drivers and ports employee are urged to keep alert near railway tracks and crossings
The transito train traffic will start again on February 16th and will last several weeks.

Please be aware of that the grain carriages will be passing along the rail connection between the Raisio railyard and Naantali e.g. next to the Moominworld parking area and onward along the Port of Naantali tracks to the port area all the way to the ports train terminal.

Caution shall be exercised near railway tracks

Special caution is required of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians at the unguarded level crossing on Järveläntie road in the Port of Naantali. The visibility of this level crossing has been improved through traffic arrangements.

The inhabitants of the City of Naantali have adopted a habit of passing through the port of Naantali on their walks, so the Port of Naantali kindly reminds that moving about in the railway area is dangerous, and punishable according to the law, in places other than those intended and designated for crossing the railway. Those moving about in Raisio in the vicinity of the railway tracks going to Naantali are also requested to take into account the increased rail traffic.

We thank you for your good co-operation.

More information: Technical Specialist Jukka Kylmäoja tel. +358 44 733 4608 or [email protected]