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The new Customer Experience Study has now been issued in the Port of Naantali – A Study was succesful for the Port of Naantali: Net Promoter Score 61

Text: Tarja Siekkinen


This study was designed to gather special information about Customer Experience from our customers and partners. It can be also seen as a one successful way of measuring company´s Customer Loyalty.

The study was made by company named Kokemuksia Oy, (Trustmary) which is situated in Jyväskylä, in Finland. This Customer Experience Study was made using Net Promoter Score (NPS value) system. This method can be used very well if you want to repeat Customer Experience study also in a future.

This study has been made by telephone Inquiry. The aim was to find out strenghts and weaknesses of Port of Naantali.

Our customers and partners were able to tell what has been well done at our service level and what can be done better. The word was free. We, at port of Naantali, were keen to hear challenges our customers and partners experiences.

The Port of Naantali´s Final NPS Score was settled up to 61, which can be seen as a very succesful result..

Positive things were etc. satisfied with ports service, good co-operation/easy to contact, easy to reach, flexible partner, nice staff, increasing communication, mooring and unmooring services from our Port Control are working well.

Some challenges were pointed out too, such as a occasional field/road congestion or unvisible signs and markings in a port area. We will be able to solve these challenges next spring. Among other things, we will build a new truck field. New traffic arrangements will be ready by next spring. We will inform more about up coming traffic changes later.

However, there are two regular line operators in Naantali. Finnlines is operating route Naantali-Kapellskär-Naantali every day with two departures a day. And Rederi AB Lillgaard is operating route Långnäs-Naantali-Långnäs daily except Saturday and Sunday. Regarding the study, it can be so that port user does not always know which company is providing which services so we think that many positive mentions from this study, (such as reliable time table, good co-operation etc.), might be mentioned about these two operators.

There are 18 persons working at the Port of Naantali, and we are pretty delighted to have such a great Customer Experience result. Moreover, our port operator, Stevena Oy was mentioned in positive way in the study (unlouding vessels etc.), even it was not directly involved in this study.

The Port of Naantali thanks dedicating staff. We shall be happy to continue our Customer Service level. We want to thank especially our customers and partners for a pleasant and nice co-operation.