Visy Access Gate access control register description

Visy Access Gate access control register description

Register description

The name of the register

VISY ACCESS GATE access control at Satamatie 13, 21200 Naantali, FINLAND.


Naantalin Satama Oy
Satamatie 13
21100 Naantali

Business ID 2644726-5

Person responsible for register

Traffic Manager, mrs. Liisa Majuri
Naantalin Satama Oy
Satamatie 13
21100 Naantali

tel. +358 50 339 0579

The purpose of the register and use of data

The system is used to control the land and water areas stated in the port plan. The controlled areas are clearly marked with signs.

The purpose of the monitoring is to ensure the safety of persons visiting the port area, to protect the property and to help prevent unauthorised personnel or vehicles entering the area according to the international ISPS-regulations.

Data collected in the register

The data recorded in the register includes the registration number of vehicles as well as the drivers name, contact information, phone number and employer.

Data sources

Data is collected from customers and the system. Access to the port area is granted only after inputting required data into the Visy Access Gate system.

Disclosing or transferring of customer data

The data in the system is not normally disclosed outside of Naantalin Satama.

We may disclose the footage according to law or a mandatory stipulation from the authorities such as police, customs or border guard. According to an agreement camera footage may be disclosed to other port operatives.

We do not transfer camera footage outside of the EU or the EEA.

Safety and protection of registers

The system control and hard drives are located in the port monitoring room with access only for selected authorised personnel. Register data is handled automatically and monitoring is carried out on predefined computers, protected with passwords and firewalls.

The storing period of the data is based on the legislation regulating the controller of the register.

Right to check, modify and delete recorded data

Customers have the right to check the data collected in the register and to request deleting their data. The request can be submitted for free once in every 12 months. If a customer uses the right to check the data more often, we are entitled to charge a reasonable fee for the service.

The controller has the right to decline the request according to the clauses described in the law or rights and responsibilities of the controller.

Customers have the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority if they think that the controller has not followed the legislation or common policies of the industry in handling of the data.

Contacting the person responsible for register

The request for checking or deleting of the data must be submitted in signed letter to the person responsible for the register. The checking of the data must be done personally at the office of the controller. The controller may ask the customer to clarify the request in writing and/or demand a proof of identity.