Customer register of Naantalin Satama Oy

Customer register of Naantalin Satama Oy

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Register description

Register description based on the personal data act (523/1999) 10 § and GDPR


Naantalin Satama Oy
Satamatie 13
21100 Naantali

Business ID 2644726-5

Person responsible for register

Economy Secretary, mrs. Helena Markkola
Tel. +358 44 733 0091

The name of the register

Customer register of Naantalin Satama Oy

The purpose of handling personal data

The data collected in the register is used to provide, maintain and develop the services of Naantalin Satama. It may also be used to analyse, develop and identify customer relationships and the use of our services, to control and collect customer payments as well as for statistical purposes and customer communications, marketing and surveys.

We protect the collected data according to this register description, current legislation and the common policies in the industry.

Customer data may be handed over to contract partners of Naantalin Satama who provide us communications, marketing and other customer relation services. The partners are obliged to follow the abovementioned privacy guidelines.

Personal data collected in register

The register includes necessary customer information for providing the services of Naantalin Satama. It may contain but is not limited to following data:

  • basic information on customers, including name, identification number, language, age, sex, title or profession, delivery and billing addresses.
  • basic information on company representatives such as employer data, assignment and position.
  • contract data concerning deliveries, billing and collecting of payments.
  • customer identification data, user ID and corresponding customer information, customer service logs, feedback, telephone recordings and advertising information.
  • login information from the newsletters, website and advertising of Naantalin Satama, such as browsing history, IP address and similar technical data.
  • direct and other marketing limitations, agreements and bans set by the customer.
  • other data used for analysis and profiling and the results of these actions as well as other data willingly provided by the customer.

Data sources

The customers’ personal data in our register has been willingly provided by them in the different channels of Naantalin Satama.

Authorities’ and other third party registers can be used according to the legislation for updating the personal data for purposes described in this register description.

Disclosing or transferring of customer data

We do not transfer our customer data outside of the EU or the EEA.

If needed to provide the services outlined in this register description, Naantalin Satama may disclose customer data to contracted partners, authorities and other parties with the customers permission or mandatory stipulation from the authorities. This may be necessary for example to provide the third party services ordered by the customer.

Data may be transferred to our campaign and marketing registers after the direct relationship between Naantalin Satama and the customer has ceased.

Safety and protection of registers

The register is maintained as a digital record. Logging in to the record requires registered username and password. The databases are protected by passwords, firewalls and other technical means against data breaches.

The access to the databases is restricted to the persons that have a legitimate reason to handle the data. Naantalin Satama requires its personnel and partners to commit to the confidentiality of the customer data.

Right to check, modify and prohibit the use of customer data

A customer has the right to check the data collected in the register. The request must be submitted in signed letter to the person responsible for the register. The request can be submitted for free once in every 12 months. If a customer uses the right to check the data more often, we are entitled to charge a reasonable fee for the service. We observe the rules of the decree set by the government on the metering of the use of electricity when releasing electricity consumption data.

A customer has the right to forbid the use of their data for direct marketing, market research or opinion polls and other similar marketing activities by informing the person responsible for register. The ban does not cover customer relations messages and other communications linked to providing the services of Naantalin Satama.

A customer has also the right to demand Naantalin Satama to correct, delete or update any obsolete, unnecessary, false or incomplete data in the register. The modifications must be requested by contacting the person responsible for the register. The customer is responsible for the correctness of the data they provide. The customer must inform Naantalin Satama if the data they have provided has changed.